Green Shirt Day

Green Shirt Day


“Hope does not lie in a way out but in a way through”

 ~ Robert Frost

Green invokes the colour of freshness, renewal and the affirmation of life. We all long for this hope in our lives so how fitting that green is the colour that has been adopted by the Transplant community to symbolize the importance of organ donation.

There is a lovely intersection of ideas, values and beliefs with Green Shirt Day which is scheduled for April 7, 2019 and the beautiful and moving story of Logan Boulet the selfless young man who made the decision to be an organ donor just weeks before his passing in the tragic Humboldt Broncos bus crash.  By now the details of this event have reached a wide audience.  But a story of this magnitude bears repeating. 

At 21 years of age organ donation would not have been on the minds of many young, active, healthy men.  But having known that his coach and mentor, Ric Suggit who died in 2017, was an organ donor Logan took that next vital step and signed up to be an organ donor himself.   

He then made the wise and necessary decision to share his choice with his parents.  These two acts allowed his parents (father) Toby and (mother) Bernadine to make the heart-wrenching decision to allow Logan’s organs to be used for transplantation and research.  Through his kindness and their willingness to support Logan’s wishes six of his organs were donated to those in need with the remainder to be used in vital research.

In part due to what has now being called “The Logan Boulet Effect” thousands of Canadians who might not otherwise have done so were deeply touched by his generosity and are now registered organ donors.  This essential countrywide awareness is the focus of the Green Shirt Day campaign.

Currently there is also a concerted effort to petition for “Light up the Green” on April 7, which would see major buildings in our cities displaying green lights of awareness.

Just as with each year new green shoots appear in spring from what appears a dormant earth Logan’s act of giving will continue to be a source of inspiration for organ donation for many years to come. The terrible loss of this wonderful, young man can only be borne when thought of in light of this hopeful future where organ donation is seen as the gift it truly is; the miracle of a second chance.