The Spirit

My heart and kidney go with you. Pumping blood and liquid gold. My lungs fill up with oxygen. To start a story yet untold.
My heart and kidney go with you
Pumping blood and liquid gold
My lungs fill up with oxygen
To start a story yet untold
The stage is set in Budapest
A city I have seen
To be the host of the VIII World Games
Where no such Games have been

My liver works on perfectly
Like yours to keep me well
My Lungs will hold their breath
Until, returning home, you'll tell
Of all the pomp and speeches
The excitement in the air
Of opening Ceremonies and Closing Banquet
Of all the glory there
As each country; team marches
Behind it's country's flag
Each marches to the music
Of life, so proud and glad

Their uniforms show colours
A transplanted cornea can see
Their smiles are like the smiles they wore
When they received the Gift
The one they'd waited so long for
And in which they'd placed such hope
The gift that opened up such doors
Life's adversities with which to cope

My pancreas, although it doesn't work
Is hungry for the day
To stand amongst other transplants
Who've been transplanted in this way
I've met them at the Games before
I've heard their stories told
Some day perhaps I'll do that too
But I'll need to be more brave and bold!
Until then I'll take my insulin
Albeit from an outside source
'til Medical Research comes some distance
And changes my life's course

So as Canada stands next to Belgium
And so on down the line
Our story is told to the world again
As it is told every time
At starting blocks over pools or turf
the last few seconds tense
The guns go off, the race begins
And you know that it's your chance
To do the best you've ever done
That is what you trained hard for
You'll swim, you'll jump, you'll throw, you'll run
Like you never have before
You'll think of friends and family
Whether with you or at home
Don't worry about medals
Just by being there you've won

As each racquet and each golf club
Is raised in concentration
Each play expresses global warmth
All teams become one nation
As each bicycle tire is checked for air
And each helmet strap is fastened
Our dear supporters in their seats
Rise in anticipation
The days are packed with pride and joy
And sometimes disappointment

The days fly by with love of life
So celebrate each moment
Think of all our donors
Both the living and the dead
They made this all come true
They gave us hope of days ahead
They gave health back to me and you
And remember too the folks who toil
In all aspects of medicine for us
Who truly make a difference
In whose expertise we trust

Let's not forget bone marrow
And the important part it plays
In saving lives throughout the world
In adding to our days
Let's salute those who can't be with us
And look forward to the time
When they can join with us once more standing healthy in our line

Oh, sure, This poem's corny
But it's the best that I can do
After all, I'm just a swimmer
'though I've written a verse or two
To all those of you who know me
To those of you who don't
Pass this 'round the airplane
Help me make my final point
I'm with you, with you all, my friends
Every second of the way
I'll see the Olympic Flame when lit
Right to the final day
And when you're all out partying
You must raise your glass to me
A make a toast to us who boast
Of life and love and health
And stop in silence to appraise
The wonders of such wealth
And when you're all back home again
And the VIII World Games are done
Let's start to train for two years hence
Vancouver, here we come!

Dedicated to the Canadian Team, that attended the 8th World Transplant Games in Budapest, Hungary, August 26th-31, 1991

Carol Devine