Sports Rules

For the latest Sports schedules, please check the Schedule page.


1KM and 5KM Road Race

Be sure you have your number bibs (front and back) on for these events as this is how the Running Room will be tracking your time for medal standings! 

The 1KM Road Race (Running) for Junior and Youth starts at 9:30AM, so please aim be there closer to 9AM so you are ready to go. The 5KM Road Race (Running) for all adults starts as soon as the 1KM race is finished, so head over early and cheer on our young athletes. 

If you head towards the AMS Student Nest or Robert H. Lee Alumni Centre you will be sure to find the start line, which is there on East Mall (just off University Blvd).
NB: The 3KM (Women) and 5KM (Men) Race Walk events are on Friday as part of Track and Field, they are not part of the Road Race! 

All athletes attending the Games will receive a set of numbered Running Room bibs, complete with eight safety pins.

These are the sports requiring mandatory bibs:
1) All Track and Field events, including the 3KM and 5KM Race Walk / Power Walk that will take place on Track and Field Day.
2) Cycling events.
3) 1KM and 5 KM Road Race.

Please note you must wear both bibs, front and back, and have them pinned so they can be seen clearly by officials and timers. Pin these on before your event!! Starts will not be delayed if you are busy getting them on at the start line.

May sound obvious, but please DO NOT wear them upside down. 


*Please be advised the 4 x 50 Medley Relay is cancelled.*
 There were a number of reasons for this decision. Instead, the 4 x 50 Freestyle Adult/Youth and 4 x 25 Junior Relays will be combined into the Gift of Life Relay, a mix of ages and genders. This is to showcase the true spirit of the Games with a fun event for all. Final line for the Gift of Life 4 x 50 Free Relay will be determined on the day of the event for all those already registered in the 4 x 50 Freestyle.

Warm up for the swimming events will be at 8:00am on the day of the event. Competition starts at 8:30am. There will be two dedicated warm down lanes in the south portion of the competition pool, lanes 8 and 9.

Please note the Aquatic Centre Rules!
- Lockers are available for $.25 or $1.00 depending on what size locker you require.
- There are gender neutral change rooms as well as separate mens' or ladies'.
- Water fountains are located poolside for swimmers but please note no water bottles or food of any kind are allowed on the pool deck.

For the 2018 Canadian Transplant Games, we will be following the World Transplant Games rules whenever possible. For the most recent WTG rules, click HERE.