About Our Membership

Who are our members? They are transplant recipients, donors, and their loved ones.


Our members are concerned people of every age who understand that transplants save lives. They are dedicated activists, working to spread the message, educate the public, and build special friendships that will last a lifetime.

There are many opportunities for you to make a difference. The CTA - a registered charitable organization (#131815862 RR0001) - is proud to support the World and National Transplant Games, and we are involved in countless activities at the local level. No matter what your particular interest or contribution, all of our members have a role to play in celebrating what we do and showing the world that transplantation works.

Membership fees are tax deductible. When you sign up, you will be issued a tax receipt and a formal Membership Statement.

We need your help! Join us today so you can help us build a better tomorrow.

Are you a recent transplant recipient? If you are within a year of your transplant, you’re eligible for a complimentary one-year membership!

Canadian Transplant Association Membership Rewards:

  • Annual Publication
  • Professional presentation materials for community/school events
  • Access to a speakers bureau from each region across the country
  • Information and support regarding National and World Transplant Games
  • Identifications, promotion, and support for Organ and Tissue Donor Awareness events across Canada
  • A complimentary one year membership to all transplant recipients who are within their first year of transplantation
  • Demonstration of the success of organ and tissue donation; education other that transplantation saves life

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