Catherine's Story

I have a wonderful story about how my older sister saved our father's life by donating 70% of her liver to him.

Out of four children my older sister and brother were the only two candidates, as I was unwell and our younger sister was too young, while our mother was over the cut off age for being a donor.

My sister never told anyone she was going to get tested to see if she would be a match.

They only check one candidate at a time and so she went for the extensive testing as our father was given a year to live and placed on a donor list that would take 5 years.

She was a match! Our father, who never wanted to ask any of his children to do such a thing was absolutely delighted, thankful and proud!

My sister was so healthy that they were able to give our dad 70% rather then the original 50%!

The transplant went great and over the course of 3 months they were both feeling great and back to their old selves.

She's our hero and I don't think any of my family could repay her for the wonderful, selfless gift she has given us all!


- Catherine