Are you flying into Vancouver on July 2? Do our Transportation Team Leads know about your flight??? More than a hundred Games attendees have not provided information on when or how they plan to arrive!! IF YOU ARE ARRIVING AT YVR ON JULY 2 and would like Games transportation to UBC, the Transportation Leads need to have your flight information by WEDNESDAY.
*Those who are not on the arrivals list will have to find their own way to UBC.*
Please email: gmail%23com|vtggamestransport 

Please bring your own water bottles! 
Vancouver has some of the best drinking water in the world. We know clean, safe water is a big concern for transplant recipients when travelling to a new place, but at the Games, you don't need to worry. Tap water here is excellent, clean and safe. We urge everyone to bring a reusable water bottle and fill it up often!!!

Are you bringing a car to UBC?
 Please know that navigating UBC campus can be tricky (lots of one-way streets, dead ends etc.) so best to avoid driving if you can.
For anyone who requires parking, you can get a 7-day UBC parking permit that will allow you to park at the six parkades on campus for $35.
To buy on-line and for more details, go HERE.

Let's Talk Transplant! 
Want to learn more about traveling as a transplant recipient, and hear about the latest in transplant research?
Another great FREE event during Games week...open to all members of the transplant community, hosted by the Transplant Research Foundation of BC. RSVP HERE.

"Let's Talk Transplant!"
Thursday, July 5
12 to 1pm
Orchard Commons, UBC campus

Speakers and Topics include:
Dr. Antoine Sicard, Neuphrologist and Transplant Immunologist: "Immune System and You"
Annemarie Kaan, Clinical Nurse Specialist: "Up Up and Away! Traveling with a Transplant"
Dom Khoo and Marianna Leung, Transplant Pharmacists: "(F)armacy Feud - A team game about transplant medications"



The Simon Keith Foundation pledges free registration to all junior and youth CTG athletes

The Simon Keith Foundation has generously pledged its support to the Vancouver 2018 Canadian Transplant Games (CTG) by providing free registration to all transplant competitors 17 and under. This means all junior (ages 4 to 11) and youth (ages 12 to 17) who are registered athletes for the CTG by the May 15 registration deadline will be able to attend for free.

Canadian Transplant Association (CTA) president Dave Smith is excited about this sponsorship, “We want to ensure our youngest transplant recipients are encouraged to participate in sport. Not only will this generous donation help do that, Simon Keith is also an incredible role model for our kids.”

Simon Keith is the first athlete in the world to return to professional sport after a heart transplant. He grew up in Victoria and was a promising soccer prospect as part of the Canadian National Team Soccer program. He was diagnosed with myocarditis and received a heart transplant on July 7, 1986. Amazingly, he returned to competitive soccer with the University of Las Vegas in Nevada. Simon went on to be drafted first overall in the Major Indoor Soccer League. Now he is one of the world’s longest living heart transplant recipients. (Learn more about him HERE.)

Simon says it is a privilege and honour to be able to sponsor all juniors and youths who want to compete in the Games. “As part of our ongoing commitment to support children who have undergone a life-saving organ transplant, we are especially committed to programs that assist those who desire a return to an active and healthy lifestyle. The ability for youth to compete in the Canadian Transplant Games showcases the incredible gift of life that they have received, while celebrating the heroic donors and donor families.”

Read full press release from The Simon Keith Foundation HERE.

Thank you Simon!!!!

Brenda Brown
Games Manager, Vancouver 2018 CTG


For those eligible athletes who have already registered: the Canadian Transplant Association will be contacting you with details on reimbursement of your registration fees.

For new athletes, please register HERE

When you have completed the form and need to select a payment option, please choose “Pay by Cheque”. This will complete your registration without requiring payment. Please remember, The Simon Keith Foundation sponsorship is only available for transplant athletes 17 years of age and under. Family members who would like to attend the Games need to register separately. Please be mindful the Early Bird rates for Adults ends April 21.


Additional information about Simon’s inspirational story and current initiatives can be found at www.thesimonkeithfoundation.com and www.simonkeith.com.