About The Games

Live the life you were meant to have. That’s the ultimate goal of organ donation and transplant. From August 10-15, 2020, in the friendly city of Winnipeg, Manitobathe power of this incredible gift of life will be showcased with strength, agility, speed and skill. Prepare to be awestruck, moved to tears, and overjoyed with delight as you watch hundreds of transplant recipients aged four years to more than 75 years old compete to the best of their ability.

The Canadian Transplant Games (CTG) is the premiere athletic celebration of sport for transplant recipients from across the country. The focus of the Games is to provide these individuals with a venue of national competition, and also to prepare for the World Transplant Games. Every athlete is welcome. For everyone, just crossing the finish line is already a victory. But make no mistake. Competition is fierce amongst the most elite of these participants.

The other goal is to encourage Canadians to register their consent as organ donors. There are currently more than 4,000 people in our country waiting for their gift of life. Some of them will die while waiting. Let’s give hope to those waiting for transplant by using the Canadian Transplant Games and our athletes' accomplishments as a platform to raise awareness.

During the Games, our most cherished participants will also include donor families and living donors. We strive to honour your gift of life with special events throughout the week.

We can’t wait to welcome all of you and your supporters to Winnipeg for the 10th Canadian Transplant Games! More information will be posted early 2020 here - stay tuned for details on schedules and how to register.