2019 President's Message

2019 President's Message

January 2019


Thank you to our selection committee and past President Dave Smith for selecting me for this position and appointment for the next 2-year term as President. I am honoured and humbled to be representing this organization and membership. Thank you for putting your trust in me. I hope to serve you well and with dignity and integrity. I’m so glad Dave resides on the Board as Past-President, he doesn’t get away from us quite so easily, even though he thinks he’s done enough over the past 16 years. I appreciate his knowledge and ability to assist in transfer of duties and continuity, with all the relationships he’s built in almost 2 decades volunteering for the CTA.

The mandate and mission of the CTA is “to encourage and motivate transplant recipients to maintain a healthy lifestyle by supporting athletic and other awareness events”. We have traditionally done so through our National and World Games and will continue to support and advocate for these games as they are about sport and community. But we must remember too, that a healthy lifestyle means everyday activities; in how we manage our therapeutic drugs, our eating habits, our daily exercise, our mental health and our social and community integration of all these activities.

We have a lot of great ideas to move the organization forward and build on what has been serving us well for over the last 30 years. As well as introducing some new ideas, that will hopefully revitalize the membership community and help us grow, including ideas that enhance “how to maintain a healthy lifestyle”.  We will continue our annual Transplant Trot events, picnics, add Green Shirt Day and other community organ donation events. From here,  we would like to focus some of our energy into post-transplant life and offer more information and resources via our website and online links and tools for educational materials on “how to” live healthier, be more active, access mental health resources, training guides and more. But of course, this all takes time, so please bear with us as we work toward these objectives over the course of the next year. Our website will be “under construction” for months to come. But it will be updated regularly so please check back often.

As a kidney recipient of over 5 years, I couldn’t be more grateful to be off hemodialysis. But we go through waves of wellness. The adrenalin of knowing you are going to live “better”, immediately post, carries you for quite some time. But then the reality of the meds kicks in and the numbness sets in, of “now what”? That dang prednisone does a number on your body and your mind. None of the doctors prepare you for that. The transplant clinic and people I met along the way helped support me through some, but ultimately, it was a lot of struggle and then determination to get back to the centre of the pendulum and balanced again. We as a community can help each other. That’s what we are here for and what CTA hopes to provide through more outreach and I know our new Membership Director Kennedie Maidment and the rest of the Board is eager to promote and work with you and our specialists in the community to bring more information to you, to assist you in navigating your own journey.

If ever you have a question about what the CTA or I could be doing more, please reach out and let me know. I can be reached via email at bbrown@txworks.ca. I’d love to hear some of your ideas, questions and suggestions. Remembering this community does not work without all of you in it together, sharing your experiences, ideas and skills with each other. Thank you for your continued support of 2019 and the new Board Members. We are so excited to be of service to our transplant community.


Brenda K Brown
President, CTA