2011 Team Manager Report

18th World Transplant Games, Goteborg Sweden, June 17-24,2011


In total there were 40 registrants for these Games. One family with drew for personal reason and 1 person was denied entry the Games do to the date of his transplant. Although he was over 6 months on the day of open ceremonies the Swedish LOC and physician for the Games did not allow athletes who had not been transplanted for a year to compete.
40 people participated: 21 athletes ( 19 adults , 2 juniors) 19 accompanying ( included a team manager.

  • 11-13 (1 male)
  • 14-17 (1 male)
  • 18-29 (2 males)
  • 30-39 (5 males)
  • 40-49 (2 females, 1 male)
  • 50-59 (3 females, 2 males)
  • 60-69 (2 male)
  • 70 and over- 2 males

Registration was again different this year, the program that was used on line for the last Games was not the one used this time around. The program used for these Games is the one used for the US Games and will be the one used for any future Games. There are few bugs that still need to be iron out. For instances any changes the athlete wanted to make to their program required them going back in and it would then send them the entire registration back. As team manager I would receive the changes and everything else. It would nice if the program only notified the team manger and the athlete just the changes. There was good communication with the LOC. They frequently updated all the information, registration, changes programs etc were posted on their web site. The website provided all athletes with the rules and links to the WTGF .

There were a number of countries who felt that the start and completion dates for the registration were too short so the LOC also extended the registration dead line to accommodate them.

Team Uniforms

The team uniforms were again provided by Positive Identity. The athletes received a jacket, dress golf shirt, a T-shirt with the Games logo on it, and CTA’s web site on the back of the shirt, athletic shirt, a hat and a knap-sack. The accompanying people received a hat and T-shirt. All participants were given the opportunity to purchase other pieces if so desired. CTA sponsored the uniforms this year. Positive Identity provided a discounted price for the uniforms. Each uniform cost approximately $200.00 and the accompanying person’s apparel cost approximately $25.00.

Positive Identity did another great job from start to finish this year.

They link to the CTA website which allows the athletes (and accompanying people who wish to order other items) to see what each items look like, then they personally order the size they wish to have, in addition they also package and mail out the uniforms to all participants prior to their departure. As a team manager this is fantastic service. Not having to worry about transporting all of uniforms is a big relief. I only had to transport one for an athlete who was travelling prior to the Games.

Game Results:

The Canadian team did well considering we were a small team. We finished 21/54 countries represented. We were awarded 5 gold medals, 6 silver, and 7 bronze. Many of our new comers went home with a coveted medal. A complete list of winners, medals and times can be found on the official WTGF 2011 Games site.

Health Issues:

We did not bring a physician with us this time. We were fortunate this year not to have to worry about HINI or other flus. There was a concern regarding air quality due to a volcano that had gone off several prior months to the Games. There was no hint of on going breathing problems for people when we arrived in Goteborg. Over the course of the week the Canadian team was very fortunate in that no one suffered from on going flu like symptoms, we had one athlete who did require medical attention due to some dizziness during one of his competitions, He is doing well at this time at home. The WTGF again acquired Repatriation Insurance for the period of the Games. It is their hope that they will be able to continue to do this for all future games.
There was one athlete from another country who suffered a heart attack while playing badminton, he was treated immediately and brought to the hospital but unfortunately did not survive.

Data Base Program

There was no need to utilize the data base program that we had made for these Games as the country provided an only list of everyone and their events and results at the end of the Games. I do think that the data base could be used for the National Games is keep and on list of athletes their sports and results.


Prior to the Games:

  • Be aware of all rules and regulations governing the Games
  • Prepare a list of each athlete with age category, events and competition days.
  • Prepare a daily list of events and persons competing ( ages) to cross reference with what is posted daily at the Games
  • A binder of information would be helpful to keep all the information organized and easily accessible.
  • A computer is essential as the WTGF is recommending that all changes and listings of athletes, timing and sports will be sent out to the team managers electronically each evening post team managers meetings.
  • Establish key players who can act as assistants during the Games and develop a means of communications ie: cell phones
  • Remind athletes of the need for training and knowledge of the rules for their sporting events.
  • Develop criteria to assist in the decision of who will be the Flag Bearer at the Opening Ceremony. Sandra Holdsworth was a well deserving person/recipient/ athlete who was given the honour this year.
  • Designate a person to be responsible for getting the information and pictures to the webmaster to be posted on line daily during the Games. I thought I had done this but the person who volunteered unfortunately did not get this done daily. Develop a blog prior to going to the Games.
  • There was not a large junior contingency this year, but I recommend that in future that there should person assigned to be a Junior Co-coordinator to assist the team manager at the meetings and to ensure that all the needs of both the children and their families are met.
  • Need to compile a list of assistants who will help through the Games.
  • Appoint a team physician and possibly a team physiotherapist.
  • Distribute subsidy forms to all eligible athletes.

During the Games

  • Provide a time and place for pre-game meeting with all participants to meet and explain the process for the week. (Opening and closing ceremonies, where to look for posting of new information or changes made) we had a meeting prior to the Games where we told everyone 5 things about our selves, small gifts of Canadiana were given to each person to trade for something else from a person form another country.
  • Attend the team manager meeting each night - need to be aware of any changes IE venues, timing etc and pass along the information to the appropriate athletes. We had a board in the lobby were we could post any changes or news of medals won.
  • We did not need the extra cells phone (with syn cards) this year but they should be made available for future Games when the Teams are larger.
  • Assign persons to take photos for the newsletter /website and keep website updated
  • Inquire whether there will be internet access available in the Team manager’s room, if available but at a cost, this needs to be purchased by the team manager. If not available then purchase a stick to enable internet access in the room during the Games.
  • Team manager should accompany the athletes to events where the majority of athletes are competing. Assign assistants to all other events where Canadian athletes are competing. These assistants must be aware of the sports rules and regulations.

Following the Games

  • Send thank you cards /letters of support to all the Games supporters. A thank you note was sent to Positive Identity.
  • Collect and assess subsidy forms for eligible recipients. Send these out just prior to going to the Games. There must be a strict deadline to receive the completed forms back to the Team manager. The amount paid out is agreed upon by the CTA executive.